Wax Finish

Wax Finish

Our signature wax finish available to you!


When we started Darn Good Wood we settled at nothing less than charcuterie perfection. Much of the wood finishing products available to us, however, were not a good fit. We realized the finish was just as important as every other step that came before. If we were to create charcuterie that was truly our own we would also need to control the way we were treating our boards! Thus, Darn Good Wood Wax Finish was born. 


It didn't take long for other craftspeople to contact us asking, "What did you use to get that finish?" For a while we just said, "We make it ourselves!" Of course, that didn't really help people looking for a real solution. We decided it was time to make our secret recipe not so much of a secret!


Our Wax Finish is meticulously crafted with only food safe ingredients. It is designed specifically to draw out the fine detail hidden in the grain while offering a protection meant to ensure your charcuterie and cutting boards live the longest and healthiest life possible!


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